Geohydrology and structure groundwater resource estimation

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Groundwater - Understanding the basics

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Introduction to hydrology and the water balance. The science of hydrology water resource management. Hydrology is an interdisciplinary geoscience built upon the basic sciences of mathematics, statistics physics, chemistry and biology.

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The familiar “crop circles” of Colorado and the rest of the. Bobby Mathew successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in an open defense on the 6th of April and has been awarded the Ph.D degree by the University of Mumbai for his thesis titled – Correlation of Geohydrology and Structure for Groundwater Resource Estimation in and around Nandurbar area, Nandurbar district, Maharashtra, India.

Geohydrology research at UW includes a focus on regional groundwater studies, in addition to interdisciplinary studies aimed at understanding the role of fluids in affecting a broad range of geologic processes (such as the thermal structure of the crust, fault strength, and earthquake behavior).

To avoid compilation in the estimation and management of these replenishable resources due to variation in the annual recharge, quantification of optimum dynamic part of the groundwater resource is adopted in the dynamic groundwater reserve estimation.

Existing studies on the impacts of climate change on groundwater recharge are either global or basin/location-specific.


The global studies lack the specificity to inform decision making, while the local studies do little to clarify potential changes over large regions (major river basins, states, or groups of states), a scale often important in the development of water policy.

We all are groundwater users. Farmers use it for irrigation, industries for production and a vast majority of population use it for drinking and domestic purposes.

Geohydrology and structure groundwater resource estimation
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